After my 2 week holiday in Malta had turned in to 3 months I started wondering what else was possible and what other countries offered the potential of cheap living for a while.

I started shopping round checking what other countries I could get cheap deals on accommodation in and as luck would have it, it was early in the season in Greece so there was plenty of bargains. The cherry was when I checked flights and found a good deal to Crete via Venice, I had always wanted to see Venice so time to pack my bags and head there for a weekend en-route to Greece.


Sissi, a village in Crete that was my base for a few weeks.

I went to Crete with no set plans apart from work, relax and soak up the sun. Island hopping was something I had never thought about until I was chatting to a friend back home on Skype one evening and she told me about it.

Most people do a few weeks trying to see as much as possible, I had all the time in the world, or at least all the time before the season kicked in proper and the prices went up. So at a more leisurely pace I spent the next 2 months literally working my way round a few Greek islands.


Naxos town

I started in Naxos, I had been feeling sick and was drained getting off the ferry. I was lost, all I knew about my accommodation was the address I had written down on a piece of paper, my phone was dead so I had no map, my throat was seriously swollen and I had a bad fever. A taxi pulled up beside me “my friend, are you ok? You look lost” at this stage I didn’t really care about the price I just wanted to find my bed so I jumped in. He drove me to his house telling me it quicker to go on his scooter because the roads are narrow and that the owner of the apartment I had rented on airbnb turned out to be a friend of his. We jumped on his scooter and he dropped me at the door arranging for a lift to the chemist for me to get antibiotics. I asked how much he wanted for the fare, he would not take any money and when I tried to push him a €20 note it was like I was offending him.


The view from the office.

The next 2 days I was locked away alone and ill waiting for the antibiotics to kick in, not a nice feeling when your miles from home and just arrived on an island. The taxi driver and his wife checked in on me to see how I was doing and the cleaning lady was feeding me soup and hot spirits. The people here were so good, they actually stopped me from cracking up!

After a couple of days I was ready to venture outside. Naxos was amazing, the most beautiful sunsets on a long semi deserted beach and lively old town complete with cobbled narrow streets. You know (or maybe you don’t know) that feeling when you feel like your on holiday but then the reality kicks in and you have a lot of work to do!


The view after a hard day in the office.

Next up I went to Santorini with the intention of staying a while. Until I got there and seen the cost of everything. So this time I made an executive decision for my one man business and it was holiday time. I made the most of a long weekend walking round the island and visiting the Volcano then sailed on to Kos.


Fira Santorini

Kos at that time of year was easy. Dirt cheap accommodation, I was paying €10 a night for an apartment in a holiday complex run by another super sound Greek guy. He kept telling me “my friend you stay till the tourist come”. I ended up spending 3 weeks in that place working under a sun shade so I could see my screen on the balcony by the pool.

A quick side trip to Turkey, 1 hour away by boat.

A quick side trip to Turkey, 1 hour away by boat.

A few more weeks on Kos with a side trip to Bodrum in Turkey thrown in the mix and the tourist did come, the prices went up and it was time for me to leave. I was becoming experienced at this digital nomad thing by this stage. I got an email off a friend, Summer in SW France? Don’t mind if I do 🙂


The famous Santorini sunset, taken with the worst camera!

If you’re a fellow nomad and thinking about Greece on a budget then its seriously doable in April and May, everywhere is just opening up and cheap to rent. The crowds are not there yet but the sun certainly is and the cost of living is good. I would say I averaged around €30 a day for accommodation and food and I ate out once a day.