I have just spent the last week exploring Prague and Berlin on my way to Sweden. I have lots of photographs and memories and had a great week off work in both places. In fact I have not walked around a place as much as I did in Prague since I was in Venice last year but I also didn’t bother blogging about Venice for the same reasons. Oh and Vienna, Budapest……

I sat down this evening to write about my adventures but I am just staring at a blank screen wondering what I can write about that would be of any value or benefit?

You see there is probably not one of my pictures that you have not seen 100 times already. There is nothing I can tell you about that 100’s of other travel bloggers have not already covered. You have probably been to either or both of these cities yourself. If you look at your Facebook news feed, chances are one of your friends is there right now.

So to keep my site fresh and avoid the writer’s block then I give in 🙂