Work is quiet this week so I finally got round to finishing off my own website and writing this, my first post.

Im in SW France for the summer and there is not really that much to report. Living like a local in a little village near the coast. The long baking hot days are mostly spent on the beach when im not working. Kind of dreamy, sometimes I stop, take a look around and pinch myself to see if this is real. I never in a million years expected this year to pan out the way it has, its gone from really bad to awesome and whilst im sunning myself on the beach I have been reflecting on it all.

I randomly met a really cool French couple this evening, we had a few beers over a game of throw this wooden ball at wooden sticks while the sun sets. I didn’t really understand the game but it was fun. They were seriously intrigued about the way I live and kept asking me questions that im getting asked a lot recently. How do you do it? Do you plan everything? Etc. Etc.

The simple answer is no, it was not planned at all. I broke up with a girl, the plans I did have changed and I was at a loose end. I booked a break in Malta and took my laptop with me to get some work finished. Sitting in a hotel room in Malta it struck me. I don’t have to go home. I can live in this hotel for less than the price of rent in Ireland and carry on working. So that’s exactly what I did. Then I went to Greece and did the same thing. Now im in France doing the same thing. C’est la vie.

My life is so different now to when I was settled and it happened in such a short time that im still adapting. I love my new lifestyle and im looking forward to where it will take me.

I watched a film recently about a guy who decided to live the simple life traveling round living in his motor home. His opening line was something like this..

“This life is a trade-off of freedom vs comfort, everything in life is security and comfort versus freedom. You guys live in nice houses, you have all the comforts. You have very limited freedom!”

So that’s my intro and I hope to fill this site with future stories about my adventures and new found freedom 🙂