On a map, when you look at the distance between Malta and Montenegro it’s not that far, just a short hop through Italy right? So why am I going via London to spend a night in Stanstead airport? Because the Italy option was expensive compared to the old reliable for dirt cheap flights, Ryanair. They had a flight to London then another to Montenegro saving me about €150 compared to going through Italy.

After a rough 8 hours trying to sleep in Stanstead (The worst airport on the planet to try and sleep in) I was on my second flight and sat next to a guy from Podgorica who was going home to visit. He gave me an insight in to his country and very kindly offered me a lift from the airport to the coach station. His friendliness then extended to coming in the coach station with me and translating so I could buy my ticket onwards. He left shaking my hand with a warm “welcome to Montenegro”.

The next Montenegrins I met were taxi drivers outside the coach station. Once they realised I was not looking for a taxi they were great craic, also welcoming me to their country and entertaining me whilst I waited for the bus. I had only been in the country an hour and the people I met so far were cool.

The bus journey was about 3 hours on a minibus, I was tired but could not sleep because as we left Podgorica and the city sights behind we quickly climbed in to the mountains and the views were amazing. It was cloudy but still beautiful in the gaps, I could only imagine what it would be like on a clear summer’s day (This was in February).


A couple of hours in to the journey the bus stopped and I jumped off for a quick cigarette. We had pulled in at the top of a mountain with a winding road below and more breath taking views over the Adriatic with the mountains rising steeply, almost straight out of the sea. I was a bit gutted at this stage because my battery was dead so no pictures!

The next stop was Budva, I had already decided not to stop here as it’s a resort and Im not a big fan of resorts, from the looks of it I had made the right decision so it was back on the bus and on to my destination in Kotor.



Kotors old fortified town lies at the back of a deep bay surrounded by mountains and cliffs. It is insanely beautiful! In fact this UNESCO world heritage town was ranked number one in lonely planets top 10 cities to visit in 2016.

Behind the old town walls is a maze of cobbled narrow streets and well preserved ancient buildings housing shops, cafes, bars and accommodation. Trying to balance work – leisure time the next morning was tough so I decided to work the evening shift and explore my new surroundings. I wondered round aimlessly for a good hour before stopping for coffee in the main square. I was told about a path that was part of an old town wall and works its way up and down one of the hills behind the town. I spent the next couple of hours climbing the thousands of steps where the views of the bay just kept getting better and better.


The rest of my stay in Kotor was spent doing pretty much the same thing, wondering round the old town between shifts and sitting outside drinking coffee watching the world go by. In the evenings the hostel made a very decent home cooked meal for €3 with a free breakfast included. Everyone would sit round chatting during and after dinner so it was a cool place to meet fellow travelers and socialise. I stayed at the old town hostel, its inside the walls of the old town as the name suggests. I got a private room with good WiFi and it was a perfect place to get some work done. If your visiting Kotor then I highly recommend staying here!

As for being a digital nomad in Montenegro then I defiantly think I will look in to staying for a bit longer one day. Its a fairly ideal spot to base yourself and get some work done with a low cost of living and good internet access.