So it’s been a long few days, my mobile office is back up and running from a private little hostel room in the Czech Republic and I’m straight back in to work and Skype on a Monday evening. How was your weekend? The usual Monday question. Small talk you know, where everyone just says “yes good thanks” then gets down to business. My response was the same generic answer. Sure what can I say?

Do you ever find yourself in that situation where you drift off for a while on the train then you don’t know what country your in? You wait for an announcement to see what language they are speaking and you look out of the window at car number plates for a clue. Or when you enter the magic tunnel in Slovenia and when you come out at the other side the language has changed to German, the ticket inspector appears and you have to buy another ticket for the same train that you are already on because you are now in Austria.

Have you ever had an epic little 3 day adventure on your own full of amazing sights, cities, old towns and culture? 3 days where your legs are burning from all the walking round and your totally shattered but you don’t want to stop because its all too good!

Well that’s pretty much how my weekend has been! Its a common misconception that I am always on holiday. I am always in other countries yes, I don’t stay still for very long but its no holiday. I work long and hard hours. This weekend was my holiday time.

I started off the weekend by traveling through the Slovenian mountains on Saturday morning en-route to Austria. My first stop was a small town called Villach just over the border, I had deliberately left myself a couple of hours there before my connection to Vienna so I could have a look round. Wondering round the town I found a cool little farmers market complete with music, a spit roast and snow. This painted a really fitting scene for my first taste of Austria.

After a quick bite it as time to hit the road again and cross the Austrian Alps by train, now this was one of the most scenic rail journey’s I have ever taken. I spent 4 hours staring out of the window as the train cut its way through the Alps over cliffs, bridges and through tunnels passing lakes and rivers, castles on hills, forests and snow-capped peaks. All finished off nicely by sunset as we rolled In to Vienna central.

That same evening I wondered round the old center of Vienna for hours taking in the cities architecture which was all lit up at against the night sky. I ate a feast in a vegetarian restaurant to try something different, I sat drinking Coffee outside the cathedral watching buskers, I learned to navigate the Vienna underground like a pro then I retired to my online bargain 4* hotel room and chilled. I had an amazing day exploring!

Sunday morning early, Mc-Donald’s for WiFi and Vienna’s only cheap coffee before I hit the train station again. I took a long weekend off to do whatever I like and I like traveling and seeing new places so I jumped on a train to Bratislava.

Bratislava was cool and I had another epic day of exploring ahead. I did a few laps of the old town. I climbed up to the castle where I sat outside a café overlooking the whole city. I walked along the Danube for a while. I had dinner in a Slovakian restaurant then I headed back to Vienna where I spent another evening cruising round the city at night.

Monday morning. I had my last look around Vienna at sunrise before getting ready for the next train journey which followed the Danube out of the city en-route to Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. I arrived in Cesky Krumlov late this afternoon and it is such an exciting little place which I cannot wait to explore. Its textbook old town, cobbled street, old wonky shaped colorful buildings, a river and a castle. There is something mystical about it, its like the kind of place you would expect a wizard to walk round the corner any minute, even the hostel is called Merlin! I just ate in a Czech restaurant and got change from the equivalent of €5, I think I will be quite happy working and exploring here for the rest of the week.

How was your weekend?

Now I’m sat wondering what the response would have been if I had replied with that answer 🙂