Slovenia is a digital nomad paradise. I took my mobile office there for a few weeks earlier on this year. Since then this post has been sitting in my drafts and forgotten so I only just got round to finishing and publishing it now. As you can tell from one of my blog posts about Slovenia I absolutely loved this little country and it is defiantly at the top of the list of places to go back and spend more time in.

So here is my guide on life as a digital nomad in Slovenia.

Ljubljana city center view from the castle on a grey day.

Ljubljana city center view from the castle on a grey day.

Cost of living in Slovenia.

The cost of living in Slovenia I found to be reasonable more than cheap. I was expecting it to be cheaper but hey it didn’t exactly break the bank either.

So here is what I spent on accommodation and food etc.

I didn’t get an apartment or airbnb place in Slovenia as I was moving around a lot on a tour of Europe and did not expect to stay in this country for so long but it was hard to leave once I got there. Instead I stayed in private rooms in hostels.

In Ljubljana I paid €24 per night for a private en-suite room in a city centre hostel (Hostel 24) the prices are probably higher in the summer. I found it to be a really chilled and comfy place to sleep and work from with a good internet connection.

Then I took a few days off work and went to Lake Bled to explore the surrounding areas. Here I stayed in a guest house for €25 per night.

After that I stayed in a town called Kranj for a week or so. Here I paid €20 per night for a large private room in a cool little hostel complete with a desk and everything to make me comfy working. I will return for longer for sure one day 🙂 This place was a really cool little hostel, one of the best I have ever stayed in. Check them out here

Probably my most over used photo but not bad for a cheap smart phone. Lake Bled sunrise. You really should have been there :)

Probably my most over used photo but not bad for a cheap smart phone. Lake Bled sunrise. You really should have been there 🙂

My total cost for over 3 weeks staying in private rooms in hostels in Slovenia was around the €500 mark. Not a bad deal at all considering I would pay that in rent back home but not the cheapest price I could have stayed in this country for. Airbnb would have been a good bit cheaper at the time but as I said I didn’t plan on staying so long and was quite happy with the setup I had.

And the rest of the cost of essentials for survival.

Food was cheap, Eating out was very inexpensive if you shop around, I never paid more than €10 for a meal. I would get sandwiches etc. from the bakeries for a couple of Euro for my lunch and the hostels provided breakfast. To give you an idea of how affordable it is, the hostels had kitchens and I only used them to make coffee, I did not prepare food once in the whole time I was there and I did not notice spending much money at all! Supermarkets are also very reasonably priced and there is a good outdoor market in Ljubljana.

Public transport was also affordable and reliable, especially coming here from Croatia. I also ditched all my socks, shoes and a few t-shirts in Slovenia replacing them all with new and fresh for very cheap!

Finding accommodation in Slovenia.

In the winter this was a piece of cake, I turned up in Ljubljana and Bled with nothing booked and found lots of options in Ljubljana straight away. If you are planning on staying in Bled then best book in advance.

I did not check out any letting agents so don’t know how easy it would be to turn up and find longer term places without pre booking. Airbnb had loads of availability at the time. I was almost tempted to take an apartment on there for 4 weeks in Ljubljana that weighed in around the €400 mark for a month.

I have just checked Airbnb for next month (July) out of interest and there is a good few rooms for rent for €300-€400 a month and entire apartments for €400-€700 per month. Which would not be a bad price shared considering it is summer!

Ljubljana castle from the old town.

Ljubljana castle from the old town.

Internet access and places to work from.

Internet was never a problem in Slovenia, especially in Ljubljana where it was up to date and fast! 4G / 3G was also well covered but I don’t know the cost as I had a roaming plan on my Irish sim card.

There is quite a big café / bar scene in Ljubljana so finding a café to work from should not pose much of a challenge. Although I did not do it or see anyone else working in cafes. Google brings up co-working spaces but I did not try any.

The hostel I stayed at in Ljubljana I found a really cool place to work from. There was also a fellow digital nomad and travel blogger staying there and working from the common area too.

Entertainment, things to do and eating out.

Slovenia is an awesome little country for exploring. Its breath taking alpine scenery and lakes, Adriatic beaches and castles can all be reached easily in a day trip from Ljubljana as can some of the neighbouring countries. Ljubljana itself is small and the old town can be explored quite quickly but it’s really nice so worth taking slow. If you like kicking back outside cafes or going for a few beers then Ljubljana would not disappoint.

The three main places to visit in the mountains are Lake Bled, Bohinj and Kranjska Gore. All these places are beautiful although Bled is a bit touristy.

Bled castle and town.

Bled castle and town.

For nightlife then I would say hit Ljubljana although Bled seemed to be fairly lively at night too. Eating out in Slovenia will not break the bank and the options are plentiful from local dishes to Pizzas. Cafes and coffees are all good here 🙂

More general information about Slovenia for digital nomads.

The only thing I did not like about Slovenia was leaving! I only spent a few weeks there but I will go back and live the digital nomad lifestyle there for a couple of months at some stage. As I said in my opening paragraph I absolutely loved this country!

The transport infrastructure is good making it easy to get in and out. I covered most of the country on busses and trains, I entered from Croatia and left to Austria, all easy to do.

They drive on the right and for electricity it’s the standard European 2 pin plug sockets.

English is widely spoken to a good level. Slovenian people are super friendly and accommodating. They are seriously proud of their country, they have every reason to be! And they are genuinely happy that you like it there too.

The dragon bridge Ljubljana.

The dragon bridge Ljubljana.

Lake Bled is probably not the best location for a digital nomad as it’s a bit of a tourist trap. I would recommend Ljubljana for a digital nomad base as you can get to anywhere from there and it’s a cool little city. Although living short term in the mountains or by the sea would not exactly be a hard life either.

So as a digital nomad location, Slovenia gets top mark from me. If you’re reading this in contemplation then go for it. Happy travels 🙂