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Digital nomad guide to Bulgaria

As far as digital nomad locations go Bulgaria ticks all the boxes. It is stupidly cheap, the internet is great and easy to find in all forms, the weather is fantastic for the countryside and black sea coast in the… Continue Reading →

Digital nomad Slovenia guide.

Slovenia is a digital nomad paradise. I took my mobile office there for a few weeks earlier on this year. Since then this post has been sitting in my drafts and forgotten so I only just got round to finishing… Continue Reading →

Digital nomad guide to Cyprus.

I have just spent 2 months in Cyprus so here is the lowdown for anyone else planning on doing the same. Cyprus was an awesome country to spend some time in and extend my love for anything Greek. As far… Continue Reading →

How to become a digital nomad and work from anywhere in the world

It’s the dream lifestyle isn’t it? Being a digital nomad, being your own boss, working online and being free to travel. It’s also 2016, technology is changing the way we live and work. In this day and age a lifestyle… Continue Reading →

Digital nomad guide to Croatia.

I have recently spent a bit of time cruising slowly across Croatia so here is my lowdown on being a digital nomad in Croatia. I started in Dubrovnik, then on to Split where I stayed a couple of weeks, then… Continue Reading →

Digital nomad Montenegro guide.

The black mountain. That was the name of a book I was handed to read in Malta by my Serbian friend. Montenegro being the black mountain and the book was in French so I could just about read parts of… Continue Reading →

Digital nomad guide to Malta

For a digital nomad or location independent worker looking for somewhere different with a great year round climate and friendly, English speaking locals Malta is an excellent option. But after Googling the subject I found some wrong advice from people… Continue Reading →

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