I have just arrived in Berlin, I have suffered the bus journey from hell getting here from Prague and made it in one piece which I didn’t think was going to happen at one point with the chavs on the bus but they got off at Dresden thank god. So I get here a little late in the evening and lost. I have a hostel booked and the map on my phone but navigating the Metro threw me off course. I finally got off the Metro at what I thought was the right station.

I got to the ground and couldn’t get a signal on my phone for the map so I took a look around me to see could I get directions off someone. There was a guy sat on a bench, dressed as a bunny listening to techno on his stereo. Like you do! Figuring the chances of me asking anyone odder than this for directions were pretty slim I asked him. He walked me a little bit of the way then pointed me in the right direction.

So I just took a stroll with a bunny thinking this place is a little mad already but then I cross the road and a woman taller than me (I am 6’1ft) is walking past with her friends. She walked right up to me and put her three penny bits in my face. Actually right up squeezed in to my face.

I found the address for the hostel, there is no sign for a hostel! I ask around, it turned out the hostel is a converted apartment that I first had to walk through a shop and up 2 flights of stairs to get to. So here I am in my room, the walls are covered in Graffitiand the neighbours are partying loud.

Berlin hostel

My Berlin hostel room. There is some fairly unique decorating here!

Cant wait to see what tomorrow has in store!