Hi there.

Digital nomad

c’est moi

Im John and as my front page says I’m a digital nomad. Meaning I travel full time whilst working online. I was born in the UK but spent most of my life in Ireland so Ireland is the country I call home.

I work as a web developer and have well over a decades worth of experience in my profession. All I need to do my work is a laptop and internet connection, this gives me the freedom to travel and work anywhere, location independent. A lifestyle that suits me perfectly!


I have always been a bit nomadic. At the age of 16 my father took me to live in Ireland where I stayed for a year before going back to the UK and training to be a chef. This led me to travel round the UK from the age of 18 working in restraunts in Cumbria, South Wales, London and later the Channel Islands. So by my late teens I was already nomadic with my job. This was in the 90’s before the term digital nomad existed.

As a teenager living that lifestyle I aspired to travel and see the world. Fate had other ideas for me and whilst back in Ireland in 99 I met a girl who I ended up spending the best part of 10 years settled with. After that relationship ended I became a kind of digital nomad in Ireland. By this stage I had an established business developing websites and was slowly breaking in to the freelance coding side of things. For a few years I lived in a few different towns in Ireland whilst working online.

Then after another break up I went on a 2 week holiday to Malta and I never went home. This was the turning point in my life. I realised I can sustain the digital nomad lifestyle and I leaned how to do it. As I write this I have since visited over 20 more countries. I am finally living that dream I had as a teenager to see the world.

This site is my travel blog to document both my travels and experiences as a digital nomad. I’m always happy to network with fellow DN’s and travellers or advise the aspiring so please feel free to get in touch.