I'm a digital nomad, I travel full time whilst working online and this is my travel blog!
It's a place where I write about my adventures as I wander around a rock floating through space.
It is also a blog about my experiences as a digital nomad and all things related to working on the interent and traveling.

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Digital nomad guide to Bulgaria

As far as digital nomad locations go Bulgaria ticks all the boxes. It is stupidly cheap, the internet is great and easy to find in all forms, the weather is fantastic for the countryside and black sea coast in the… Continue Reading →

Albania – Tirana, Saranda and some interesting logistics.

Albania is a small country when you look at it on a map right? It sure doesn’t feel that small when you try to cross it though! Especially on an old bus but all this adds to the experience and… Continue Reading →

Skopje & Ohrid – A trip through Macedonia

I had been meaning to visit Macedonia for some time, I have a friend from Skopje who lives in Malta and she is always telling me I must visit Skopje & Ohrid but I never get around to it. I… Continue Reading →

A trip to Kosovo – Pristina from Skopje

So my flashbacks from sitting outside a hostel in Skopje drinking a beer and flicking through Facebook on my phone. I came across an acquaintances pictures of a holiday in Tenerife, complete with McDonalds shots and a statement that the… Continue Reading →

Nis – Serbia and the best taxi driver I have ever met!

The journey to Nis was a fairly epic one, the only people in our carriage were myself, my travel buddy and a couple of backpackers. Sweltering heat meant the only way to travel was with our heads out of the… Continue Reading →

Rail travel in Bulgaria – Tales from the Bulgarian Train tracks

When it comes to trying to navigate the rail network in Bulgaria there has so far never been a dull moment. It’s like you don’t know what to expect next and it’s never going to go to plan. It is… Continue Reading →

Sozopol & Bulgaria’s southern black sea coast.

Bulgarians will tell you that they do not have a nice coast line and for this you need to go to Greece so I arrived in Sozopol with low expectations. I had never seen the black sea before so that… Continue Reading →

Pleven – Bulgaria, The only foreigner in town.

I am sat writing this from a hotel room in Pleven, a town in north central Bulgaria. It is not exactly known as a tourist destination, or any kind of destination. The only reason a traveller would come here is… Continue Reading →

Romania from North to South.

So I was looking for flights to Bulgaria from the UK when my usual logic kicked in. Why fly direct to Bulgaria? That would just be silly and too easy no? Especially when Romania is right next door and I… Continue Reading →

Romania is very safe to visit!

Stepping off the plane in Romania was a bit unnerving for me after the advice I had been given by friends. A friend from a neighboring country told me “if you go to Romania this is what will happen, they… Continue Reading →

Brasov to Bucharest airport direct

For anyone trying to get a direct service from Brasov to Bucharest otopeni airport or vice versa here is how I managed to do it. All the info I could find online about getting from Brasov to Bucharest airport involved… Continue Reading →

A local guide to Ireland – 5 awesome alternatives to the main tourist routes.

So I arrived back in Ireland the other day, unplanned but that’s another story. I had just spent 21 hours in Athens airport so was pretty tired and trying to sleep in yet another airport, this time Dublin as I… Continue Reading →

Digital nomad Slovenia guide.

Slovenia is a digital nomad paradise. I took my mobile office there for a few weeks earlier on this year. Since then this post has been sitting in my drafts and forgotten so I only just got round to finishing… Continue Reading →

Digital nomad guide to Cyprus.

I have just spent 2 months in Cyprus so here is the lowdown for anyone else planning on doing the same. Cyprus was an awesome country to spend some time in and extend my love for anything Greek. As far… Continue Reading →

Converting a van into a summer home for Europe.

I am reminiscing here. Back to the first time I ever spent an extended period of time abroad in 2006. It was deep winter in Ireland and it was dark and cold. I was a student at the time and… Continue Reading →

Exploring Cyprus – A solo road trip

I had been in Cyprus for just over 4 weeks and had stayed in 3 of the major coastal town’s (Larnaca, Limassol & Pahos) so have seen some of the sights and used the buses but there was so much… Continue Reading →

How I travel full time with only a 45 litre carry on backpack

I have just packed so decided to share my story of how to travel with only hand luggage. Have you ever been in that situation where you have contemplated throwing your clothes away so you can get on an aeroplane… Continue Reading →

How to become a digital nomad and work from anywhere in the world

It’s the dream lifestyle isn’t it? Being a digital nomad, being your own boss, working online and being free to travel. It’s also 2016, technology is changing the way we live and work. In this day and age a lifestyle… Continue Reading →

Copenhagen – One cool city

This week I arrived in Copenhagen. My main reason for being here was the airport (Where I am writing this from) but as soon as I got off the bus in this city it instantly grew on me. I have… Continue Reading →

Going around the sound, from Denmark to Sweden.

I was in Copenhagen mainly for flights but booked a few days there and absolutely fell in love with the place. No trip to Copenhagen would be complete without a visit to Sweden so I decided to do the trip… Continue Reading →

Why I really can’t be bothered blogging about Prague and Berlin!

I have just spent the last week exploring Prague and Berlin on my way to Sweden. I have lots of photographs and memories and had a great week off work in both places. In fact I have not walked around… Continue Reading →

Dies ist crazy town!

I have just arrived in Berlin, I have suffered the bus journey from hell getting here from Prague and made it in one piece which I didn’t think was going to happen at one point with the chavs on the… Continue Reading →

Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov was described to me as being like something out of a fairy tale and I soon realised why when I arrived. Its old town centre has that kind of charm about it, it’s the kind of place that… Continue Reading →

Four countries in three days

So it’s been a long few days, my mobile office is back up and running from a private little hostel room in the Czech Republic and I’m straight back in to work and Skype on a Monday evening. How was… Continue Reading →

A day trip to Bratislava from Vienna

If you are simply looking for up to date information on how to take a day trip to Bratislava from Vienna (Or even a few days trip) then click here to skip straight down to the info. I was in… Continue Reading →

Slovenia is an awesome little country!

I arrived in Ljubljana after a couple of weeks in Split and then via Zagreb. I was getting tired of concrete and wanted a change of scenery so was not really over enthusiastic about traveling to another capital city. All… Continue Reading →

Digital nomad guide to Croatia.

I have recently spent a bit of time cruising slowly across Croatia so here is my lowdown on being a digital nomad in Croatia. I started in Dubrovnik, then on to Split where I stayed a couple of weeks, then… Continue Reading →

Lake Bled Slovenia

I arrived in lake Bled on an overcast day with clouds hiding its real beauty and hotels by a lake made it look like just another tacky resort town. I found my hard to find bed and breakfast after lots… Continue Reading →

Metelkova Street art, Ljubljana’s alternative side

I was wondering round Ljubljana today looking for something to do when I was told about the Metelkova district which sounded cool so I went and found it. An area that is apparently free from rules, Metelkova is a former… Continue Reading →

Dubrovnik in February

After spending hours on a bus from Bosnia that left Bosnia, entered Croatia then went back in to Bosnia again meaning three waits at borders I finally arrived in Dubrovnik, checked in to the digs and went out to get… Continue Reading →

Mostar Bosnia and a cross border taxi ride

Im supposed to be in Croatia but im writing this post from a hostel room miles away in Bosnia. I made a spontaneous decision in Montenegro over dinner last night when two Turkish guys walked in and arranged a transfer… Continue Reading →

Digital nomad Montenegro guide.

The black mountain. That was the name of a book I was handed to read in Malta by my Serbian friend. Montenegro being the black mountain and the book was in French so I could just about read parts of… Continue Reading →

Montenegro, possibly the most beautiful place I have ever visited!

On a map, when you look at the distance between Malta and Montenegro it’s not that far, just a short hop through Italy right? So why am I going via London to spend a night in Stanstead airport? Because the… Continue Reading →

Digital nomad guide to Malta

For a digital nomad or location independent worker looking for somewhere different with a great year round climate and friendly, English speaking locals Malta is an excellent option. But after Googling the subject I found some wrong advice from people… Continue Reading →

A day trip to Gozo on a hop on hop off tourist bus

I see people on topless double decker buses in every touristy destination I visit and think to myself each to their own but not my cup of tea. For me it seems like the less adventurous way of seeing a… Continue Reading →

SW France, back to the old haunts.

I have just spent the last 7 weeks in Hossegor in SW France. A place I used to visit a lot on holidays and surf trips and a place I love. It has been a long overdue visit and to… Continue Reading →

North Spain and the Basque country – road trip

I was sat on the beach this evening chatting to a French guy, He gave me a cigarette and it was fairly strong 🙂 After he left I sat watching the sunset over North Spain deep in thought. A flashback… Continue Reading →

Turkey, a day trip to Bodrum from Kos

I was hoping to spend more time in Turkey as I had originally planned to go there from Kos for a while but I had to change my plans. Still if another country is on the doorstep then I am… Continue Reading →

Working my way around the Greek islands

After my 2 week holiday in Malta had turned in to 3 months I started wondering what else was possible and what other countries offered the potential of cheap living for a while. I started shopping round checking what other… Continue Reading →

My first post on my new site :)

Work is quiet this week so I finally got round to finishing off my own website and writing this, my first post. Im in SW France for the summer and there is not really that much to report. Living like… Continue Reading →

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